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Fractal Forest is a collection of 3D-printable plants, trees, and props for tabletop gaming and dioramas. These are fantasy and sci-fi plants that could easily fit into your Warhammer, D&D, Pathfinder, or Star Wars campaigns. The plants and props are collected around a Fractal theme with swirling limbs, repeating patterns, and intricate details. Many of the props were even created using fractal math. Exotic, organic shapes extracted from the fractal multiverse.

  • The core package of 11 plants, 8 artifacts, and 5 props
  • 3 extra variations of each plant - over 60 different models!
  • Pre-supported version of all items that need 'em 
  • Un-based versions of each plant 
  • FDM-specific versions for some of the hardest to print models

The core of the collection includes 11 trees and plants, each with at least 4 variations. I've designed them all around a theme of repeating, succulent shapes. Chunky fruits on sweeping branches.  Thick fronds that spin to form a fern.  Raw, primal shapes. 

There are also 8 fractal artifacts. These might be alien exoskeletons, the bones of mythical creatures, or strange geologic formations influenced by ultra-magnetic solar flares...Whatever they are they're definitely weird and wonderful. 

A smattering of smaller props and plants fill out the collection. These intricate, jagged pods could be gamma-boosted termite mounds or arcane power stones. Is that a Headcrab or a bush? Are those giant lichen or just strange rock formations? It's up to you and your printer and your paintbrush to decide. 

That's over 60 different models, plus un-based and supported versions.

This collection is the result of a successful Kickstarter that ended on July 9, 2020.  For more 3D printables like this check out my Patreon.


Buy Now$29.00 USD or more

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