I'm back in the Garden

If you've been following Gravity Garden, I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates this year. I had to push the project onto a back burner while I helped deal with some family health issues. There just weren't enough hours or energy to properly focus on game development.  Things have calmed on that front and I feel like I can get back to work. 

Work didn't totally stop and I've made a little progress since my last update. I've re-imagined the menu system, tweaked the locomotion system , and cleaned up my project files.  I'm currently working on adding the Locomotion Options to the new menu . After that I need to add at least a simple tutorial/intro.  The old one is barely even relevant to the current set-up.  I've also removed the full-body avatar that I was experimenting with. It's nifty but it felt like a big distraction - I was spending WAY too much time tweaking and adjusting it. It may make a return in a later version once I have more of the game systems locked down. 

Current plan is to release the next playable Alpha on October 1st with the new menus and locomotion options. After that I will continue down the Roadmap. I also plan on having an Early Access version available on Steam before the end of the 2018. 

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