Gravity Garden Alpha 6 is ready

Howdy farmers.  I've just posted the newest build of Gravity Garden. This month I've added the Tele-harvester. You can now pick your ripe fruits then harvest them to produce Seeds, Energy, or Compost - the three basic resources in the game.  You can get up-close to the fruits and grab them, or point and grab from a distance.  When you grab a riper fruit, the Harvester will appear in your other hand. Just tap the fruit to a target to add the resource to your inventory.  

Speaking of inventory - you have one . Just the basics for now: keeping track of how many of each seed you have plus the 3 kinds of resources.  I'll figure out a better way to display this info soon.  Other changes include tweaks to the locomotion system, and an upgrade to Unity v 2017.2, and a new shaders for a slightly cartoonish look.  Full release notes.

Progress is slow and steady. I'm happy with the way things are now and ready to switch my focus back to the plants and gameplay. Pests coming soon, and some more interesting interactions between the plants and their surroundings.  I also want to start working on the sense of progression for the player. Discovering new plants, buying tools,  things like that. 

Thanks for supporting my indie development efforts and don't forget to send that feedback my way

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Version 8 Nov 08, 2017

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