Alpha 3 is ready

Gravity Garden alpha 3 is ready for planting. Mostly visual changes and new game assets this month. Highlights:

Look Ma, hands! I wanted to see what the game felt like with hands rather than controllers. Feels good - and also seems easier for new players to understand. Just a few basic poses for now but I'll be adding more specific poses in the future.

New islands. I spent a good chuck of my time this month creating a bunch of new floating islands that will populate the sky.  They are all empty for now, but eventually they will be fill of things to discover and experience.  These island shapes were all created using 3D fractal math, then cleaned, painted, and prepped for the game. 

New dynamic lighting test. I want to take advantage of the real-time lighting, and a day/night cycle is a good way to do that. I hate dark nighttime in games, though - one of my biggest gaming pet peeves. :)  So I'm aiming for something that goes to twilight and dusk rather than a full night. 

See the Release Notes for a full list of changes.

August is harvesting month. I want to get the resource and plant harvesting up and running and start getting some Game in the game. :)

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Version 4 Jul 31, 2017

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