Gravity Garden Progress Report

Hello. Just stopping by for a quick update - progress is slow and steady. 

Earlier this month I was working on the fruit harvesting system. So far so good. The player is now able to reach out and grab a ripe fruit from its plant. Really feels good to do that after so many hours spent watching them grow. :) Fruits also indicate when they are ripe by changing colors

Had a strange bug with Oculus/Unity for the last couple of weeks that put a kink in my plans. I was unable to work in the Unity editor during that time Got it sorted out now, though.  While that was happening I switched gears and made some more islands to populate the sky.  Here's one of my new favs. 

I also spent some time working on things to discover on all these islands. I want the player to discover  nifty things to see and do as they explore their space. Keeping those under wraps for now, wanna have some goodies to reveal when I finally get to Steam Early Access. :)

Next alpha will be ready some time this week. 

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