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Gravity Garden alpha 11 : newer new terrain
Hello gardeners. A new version of Gravity Garden is ready for planting. New Terrain System I liked the larger home island from the last alpha. Having that big...
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Alpha 10 - Mega Island
Just like a real-life garden, Gravity Garden has been quiet all winter. But also like a real garden there is plenty of life and activity beneath the soil. Alph...
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Alpha 9 - new clouds
Hello Gardeners. I've posted a new build of Gravity Garden, Alpha 9. Just a few changes since Alpha 8: New Cloud system. Clouds now drift about and occasionall...
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Gravity Garden version Alpha 8 is now available
Gravity Garden sprouts to life. The garden's been dormant while I focused on other obligations, but we're back on track and diggin in the virtual dirt. No ne...
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I'm back in the Garden
If you've been following Gravity Garden, I'm sure you've noticed the lack of updates this year. I had to push the project onto a back burner while I helped deal...
Developer Diary #3
I've posted a new Developer Diary video on the BrainBlinks YouTube Channel . Get a good look at the new full-body avatar system, some new garden pests, and spif...
New developer diary + roadmap Update
I've spent some time this week to plan out my next few months of work on Gravity Garden. Check out the Roadmap page to see a breakdown of what I'll be working o...
Gravity Garden Alpha 7 - Full Body Avatar
Hello Gardeners and best of the New Year to ya. I've just posted Alpha 7 of Gravity Garden. Biggest new addition: a full-body, animated avatar system! Gravity...
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